Would you like George Clarke’s help to transform your property?

The very talented Geordie architect and TV presenter, George Clarke is on the hunt for properties in Cheshire, for a second series of ‘Old House, New Home’. The programme, which is aired on Channel 4, shows George helping homeowners to transform their old properties into amazing spaces, creating a perfect blend of old and new.

George is particularly interested in period projects that demonstrate the county’s architecture, craftsmanship and rich history. He is looking for homes of all shapes and sizes, pre 1940s.

Caption: George will help families uncover historic hidden gems, and create fabulous homes fit for the future.

He told Luxury Cheshire: “The problem is so many of us live in homes where generations of previous owners, developers and DIY enthusiasts have wrecked the interiors and left us confused about what to do with them next. We are terrified of tearing out features that may be the must-have selling points of tomorrow.”

George will be really hands on in the new series, rolling up his sleeves to help families achieve a stunning modern look in period properties. He wants to prove that you can create a perfect blend of old and new.

He explained: “I want to help everyone answer their most difficult home questions. What should we keep or throw away? What should we restore? How can we make our home, built for a past generation, work for us?”

If you would like George’s help, get in touch with the team at info@amazingproductions.co.uk or amazingproductions.co.uk/take-part/. You must have the full finance in place and be ready to start straight away.