Treasures of the Sea: Cheshire artist releases limited editions for the first time


Toni Horsfield is an award-winning designer, whose work has featured extensively on TV and print. While her design accolades and merits could fill this entire feature, her art needs no introduction.

For decades, the dizzyingly-talented artist has painted in the privacy of her own home, for no greater reason than the love of it. But now, after years of persuasion from friends. family and fellow artists, for the first time she is opening her collection to the public, with a small selection of limited edition prints on sale. Luxury Cheshire has exclusive access to four of her pieces which are already causing quite a buzz around the North West.

“I am a third generation sailor and met my husband racing dinghies. The sea is never far from my pallet knife,” Toni explains. “I have teamed up with prestigious arthouse Klein Imaging – they work with the best artists and galleries in the North of England. They have professionally photographed and colour-matched my canvases and I think that the prints may even be better than the originals!”

Each canvas is dear to her heart. She explains the inspiration behind these captivating images below. Prices start from £35, and can purchased online, via Toni’s Horsfield’s website.


MELUSINE’S GENOA: “This painting will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is the folded genoa stay sail of a well loved family yacht called Melusine. I painted it in 1996 and it was the first large canvas I ever painted and liked!”


ANGLESEY ROCKS: “I have enjoyed many happy weekends relaxing on the beaches of North Wales. This little painting is one of a series I painted to capture the energy of the sea.”
St IVES: “I always enjoy a trip to Cornwall. It is a great place to walk, sail and explore the sleepy villages, each with its own art gallery.”
St TROPEZ: “The style and glamour of St Tropez is only a fraction of what attracts me to the French Riviera. I love to get lost in the many hill towns where the views of the vineyards meet the sea. It has long been my favourite place to forget the world for a few days.”