Cheshire’s poshest farm shops – Wilmslow

The Smokehouse, Wilmslow

The first of our top Cheshire farm shops is a Rural Retailer of the Year and they clearly deserve it. The Smokehouse, just outside Wilmslow, delivers a luxury shopping experience and is a great example of how to bring the best local produce to local people in beautiful surroundings. A slick operation indeed!

As the name suggests, at The Smokehouse they produce delicious smoked meats, fish and nuts including varieties of bacon and ham, chicken and duck, plus Pastrami, Kessler (cured pork, German style), trout, salmon and of course kippers. And, it all takes place on site in their own sophisticated smoking facilities.

These delicious products are available to buy along with hundreds of other luxury artisan products, many of which are from local producers and suppliers. They also have an enormous range of award-winning prepared meals, made by their own team of chefs.

The shop is is a treasure-trove of delicacies including a large butchers that stocks a vast range of meat sourced from Cheshire farms. The Smokehouse guarantees that products stay within the county from field to plate with 100% traceability.

Moving on to the bakery, which looks dangerous for the waistline, we find some of  the best looking cakes, pies, breads and pastries we’ve seen for a good while.  We decide to take a few back to the office which are devoured within minutes.

There is a sweet little cafe upstairs in the eaves of the building, which looks like it may once have been a hay loft but now serves delicious food from the smokehouse and shop. Be sure to arrive early as it’s very popular.. We try the Black bacon, which has been dry cured for two weeks then soaked in Molasses and Honey before being smoked over Oak and Maple in the smoke stoves. It is the most delicious thing we have tasted all year – absolutely incredible! Definitely don’t forget a few packs on the way out.

We have been very impressed by the overall quality here and the vast amount of choice of top-end artisan products – they obviously spend a a great deal of time sourcing the best products. We’re not sure that we’ve seen anything like it elsewhere as yet, but we are still working our way through the county’s farm shops so that could change.

You could definitely while away a few hours here and if, like us, you would prefer to avoid the masses whilst Christmas shopping, then it’s perfect. There is everything you need for the Christmas table plus a superb range of gifts for family and friends.

Just remember that it’s not open at all on Sundays and the cafe is closed on Mondays. However, they do offer a next day delivery service for a very reasonable fee so if you can’t make it you can buy online or give them a call.

Vost Farm, Morley Green, Wilmslow, SK9 5NU Phone: 01625 548 499



Photo credits: The Smokehouse