Good for the sole: Margaret Dabbs Alderley Edge

Sandal season is in full swing, even if the Cheshire weather is decidedly not summery. For those of us who gleefully cast aside shoes with the first cuckoo, regular foot maintenance is essential.

However a standard beauty pedicure, whilst good for upkeep, doesn’t always cut the mustard. Rough, cracked heels, discoloured toenails and hard patches of skin are best dealt with by a qualified podiatrist and a ‘Medical Pedicure‘ such as the one we tried at the Margaret Dabbs salon in Alderley Edge.

Beautiful feetThe Margaret Dabbs brand now boasts four London salons. Outside the capital she has opened salons in Cheltenham, Harrogate, Alderley Edge and Dubai. A ninth salon is opening Guildford, Surrey, in September 2017.

According to the website, the medical pedi is, “renowned for creating the perfect sole.” Unlike the standard beautician pedi, the medical version doesn’t involve soaking or massaging the feet. Instead, it concentrates on effective removal of unsightly dry skin using professional tools and products from the Margaret Dabbs range. Nails are also given a thorough clean, shape and buff. The treatment is popular with both male and female clients.

What to expect

A medical pedicure can be booked over the telephone. The medical pedicure was recommended by the manageress as a way of transforming shamefully rough, dry trotters into what would feel like, “someone else’s feet” at the end of the treatment. Appointments are confirmed by email and by text.

With a busy work, social and family diary, finding diary space Monday to Friday and even most Saturdays can prove a challenge. Hence, it was a joy to discover that The Margaret Dabbs salon in Alderley is open on Sundays.

Margaret Dabbs Alderley Edge salon
The Margaret Dabbs salon in Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge natives and visitors will also appreciate the logistical difference that this makes. Visiting the village by car most days involves a stressful trawl round for nearby parking, not to mention needing to watch the clock to avoid a parking ticket. A Sunday visit, on the other hand, is delightfully relaxing. And critically, the post-pedi walk back to the car can be minimised. No one wants to face having to tiptoe half a mile back to a parking space wearing white foam flip-flops.

The medical pedicure takes place in a private treatment room on a squashy massage chair, where the podiatrist, Edita gets to work. Her kit includes a range of tools, including what looked like a joinery-grade rasp, a scalpel and various electric files. If you are used to the beauty pedi then this heavy ironmongery is somewhat alarming.  However, resta assured, the whole procedure is gentle and  pain-free, just a little ticklish at times.

Margaret Dabbs Alderley Edge medical pedicure.jpg
Ready for your medi pedi?

The result

Forty-five minutes later, at the end of the treatment, Edita happily stated that not an ounce of dry skin remained. What’s more, all the ghastly nail discolouration from over-use of nail polish (and skipping the all-important protective base coat) was gone. The result was tremendous: touchably soft, sandal-ready heels and glassy smooth, shapely nails.

A polish is not included in the standard medical pedicure but with feet rejuvenated and beautifully filed nails, surely it would be rude not to. The polish following the medical pedi costs £15.00 for 15 minutes. The salon offers a wide range of the latest fashionable and traditional shades. Knowing that one can’t put a foot wrong with red, we plumped for the bold, crimson ‘Amaryllis’. The polishes are also available to purchase (£14), and a gorgeous deep blue/black shade ‘Anastasia’ managed to make its way home.

Margaret Dabbs nail polish - Amaryllis red
Margaret Dabbs nail polish – Amaryllis. £14 for 9ml.

The medical pedicure doesn’t offer the same relaxing, pampering treatment that a beautician pedicure would provide. It is a functional exercise, a bit like the visiting dental hygienist or servicing the car for a 5,000 mile service. The medi pedi is something to book in once or twice a year, keeping the good work topped up in between with a regular beauty pedicure.

These feet, that have done a lot of walking, arrived in an embarrassing state of neglect. They danced out an hour later looking as promised, like a brand new pair, with one delighted owner.


Margaret Dabbs, 51 London Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7DY

  • Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure – £85.00 (45 mins)
  • Podiatry referral nail polish – £15 (15 mins)
  • 9ml Nail polish – £14 – Range of shades available

Opening Times

Monday-Saturday: 9.00am to 6.30pm
Sunday: 11.00am to 5.00pm

Tel: +44 (0)16 2558 2944