Restaurant Review: La Popote – Marton

Review by Luxury Cheshire editor, Helen Culwick

Deciding on a Thursday afternoon to book somewhere special for a celebration meal on the following Saturday night, one is likely to find the best restaurants in and around Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Knutsford are already fully booked. This was my recent dilemma when an eleventh hour recommendation came through for La Popote in Marton which fortunately had a table available.


Marton is a small, quaint village on the A34, South of Capesthorne but you’d be forgiven for not knowing this or for never having heard of La Popote.

The outside of the building is unassuming, and with quite an ordinary-looking entrance. Once inside, we were greeted by the waiter, who asked whether we would like to place our drinks order and see the menus in the garden, or sit inside by the wood-burner. It was only just about warm enough to be outside and comfortable but this was absolutely the right choice to make.

Magical, twinkly outside space

The garden and patio behind the restaurant are a delight – whimsical and romantic, bedecked with twinkly candles and fairy lights. The garden beyond is subtly floodlit, and sitting out in the moonlight it was easy to unwind and relax into the rest of the evening.

The bar offers a choice of 41 different gins – we plumped for the local Macclesfield Forest Gin and sipped our drinks while pondering the menu. Lynne, who turned out to be the owner of La Popete, arrived to introduce the daily specials, which she recited most impressively in full detail.

Garden area at La Popote Marton Cheshire
Macclesfield Forest G&T in the garden

Lynne and her husband Victor have been at the helm of La Popote for nine years. They began their restauranting days in South Africa before moving to Scotland and then to Marton. While Chef Victor was, we assume, busy cheffing in the kitchen, Lynne was attending to the full house of diners. She is a veritable tour de force, with energy levels and workload that would wither most 21 year olds.

The menu can be described as French with South African with Scottish influences in evidence. I chose a starter of Scallops and a Halibut main course, both from the daily specials, and my companion decided on a goats cheese tarte tatin and Venison from the main a la Carte menu.

Seared Scallops at La Popote in Marton
Seared Scallops

The tender scallops were served on a buttery foam, topped with caviar and encircled by crunchy, heart-shaped fleurons (puff pastry shapes). The scallops were meltingly perfect.

Halibut at La Popote Marton
Halibut main course (specials menu)

When the halibut main course arrived, the eagerness to get started meant a nearly spoiled photograph – but at least it means you can glimpse the samphire and beans underneath.

The venison dish was rich in every way, and a rather guilty pleasure, with the addition of the foie gras. The indulgence would be greater still with the dauphinoise potatoes as an accompaniment, which was tempting.

Venison Medallion – Seared Scottish Wild Red Deer served on a potato rosti, fine green beans, topped with Foie Gras and served with a chocolate red wine Jus.

From the desert desert menu the Vahlrona fondant and the South African-influenced ‘Drunk Elephant Pudding’ proved fabulous choices.

The chocolate fondant was served with a berry compote and orange ice cream, a complementary combination of textures, temperatures and flavours.

Valrhona chocolate fondant at La Popote Marton
Valrhona chocolate fondant, with berry compote and orange ice cream

The Drunk Elephant is a tremendously light, boozy apricot sponge with an equally boozy sauce, and served with a small jug of more boozy sauce on the side. The right thing to do is to then follow this with more booze, sitting in the cosy lounge enclave by the fire.

In the mood for romance

The ambience at La Popote is oldy-worldy and utterly romantic. In fact, if you are invited here by a beau you could forgiven for expecting a proposal might be imminent. Lynne relayed the charming story of a gentleman who proposed at Christmas in the restaurant, with a message hidden in the champagne flute leading the lady to a glass bauble on the Christmas tree containing a ring.

Truly a hidden gem

La Popote translated literally means a French army canteen or kitchen. The army marching on this standard of cuisine would be a truly formidable force.

This isn’t a fancy-pants restaurant and the absence of glitz or showiness compared to some on the Cheshire scene is refreshing. In true bistro style, you come as you please, relax into the surroundings and enjoy the hospitality and delightful menu from Lynne, Victor and the waiting staff.

Dining here one has the feeling of being privileged and ‘in the know’ – and quite probably wishing you’d known about it sooner. If a hidden gem can be defined as something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about, then this restaurant surely qualifies.

But as La Popote isn’t somewhere to shout about, we firmly yet quietly recommend it.

La Popote

  • Location: Manchester Road (A34), Marton, Cheshire. SK11 9HF
  • Telephone: 01260 224785
  • Website:

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