Do my glutes look big in these? – What to be seen in at the Wilmslow Half Marathon

seSweaty Betty

This Sunday sees one of the biggest crowd-pullers in the SK9 calendar – the Waters® Wilmslow Half Marathon. Five thousand energetic philanthropists will be speeding (or hauling) their slender, toned bods around the local lanes and paths for good causes, and thousands of onlookers will be getting out of bed early to cheer them on.

As with any great Cheshire event, it isn’t just about being there, it’s also about being seen.

Here is LUXURY CHESHIRE’S pick of winning looks, all available from Sweaty Betty on Water Lane, Wilmslow.

(Click to view the full size of each photograph.)

The whistle blows for The 2017 Waters® Wilmslow Half Marathon at 10.30am on Sunday 19th March.