Top 3 dreamy holiday destinations for 2017

In just under two weeks’ time Spring will be well and truly here! Unless you’re a vampire, we’re pretty certain you’ll be keen to see the back of those long dark winter nights! Us too!

While you’re waiting patiently for Mr Sunshine to get his hat on, we thought we’d give you a Vitamin D boost (hypothetically speaking, of course) with some dream holiday destinations. Specially selected by the lovely travel experts at Destinology of Wilmslow, these top holiday hotspots are sure to see off your winter blues in no time at all.

1. Aruba, Dutch Antilles

With a positive atmosphere and relaxed tropical feel, Aruba will charm you from the moment you set foot on the island’s pure white sands.

Fofoti View on Eagle Beach ArubaAruba is just off the coast of Venezuela and is more developed than its Caribbean neighbours, owing to its Dutch heritage. It boasts a melting pot of cultures (with more than a touch of European influence) which is evident in both its cuisine, architecture and language. English, Dutch and Spanish are spoken alongside the local tongue, Papiamento.

The picture-postcard architecture of pastel-coloured colonial buildings is delightful and mingles seamlessly with the five-star luxury resorts and shopping boutiques. With endless sun-drenched days on glorious beaches, gentle surf and swaying palm trees, Luxury Cheshire readers will adore this place!

A 13-15 hour flight from Heathrow (with one stop) makes it a long-haul destination, but kick back and relax and the rewards will be apparent from the moment you arrive on this exquisite island.


Aruba is consistently hot and humid all-year-round; the perfect destination any time.

 2. Canada

This diverse and expansive country combines quirky, artistic cities with Luxury holiday destination Vancouver Canadawonders of the natural world, and is a destination that is fast becoming a global luxury hotspot.

It is of little surprise that the country is threatening to outpace its southern neighbour in terms of high-end tourism, with visitors able to choose from a wide variety of five-star accommodation: magnificent spa resorts, impressive eco-lodges and beautiful boutique hotels, cropping up in every district.

Wherever you are in the country, breathtaking scenery is never far from view, and five-star holidays from the Destinology portfolio are no exception; these include Vancouver (pictured) Ottawa and Toronto.

Vancouver is the country’s third largest city. With a flight time of around 12 hours from Manchester (with a stop off at Heathrow) it is also one of the most accessible.

Vancouver is a striking city that rises up from the natural waters of the surrounding bay and is backed by dramatic snow-capped mountains — a host of A-listers call this place home and we can see why.

With plenty to see and do, for culture vultures, shopoholics, foodies, adrenaline junkies and lovers of the great outdoors — Vancouver provides an exciting and fulfilling holiday destination.

In 2017, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, all of its national parks and historic sites of interest are free of charge, another great reason to give Canada a try this year.


Vancouver experiences warmer, drier weather between the months of April and October, with moderate sunny summers and mild rainy winters.

 3. Langkawi, Malaysia

If you prefer somewhere off the beaten track, Langkawi on the beautiful island of Malaysia is a superb alternative to some of the busier South East Asian resorts.

langkawi beachThis gem of a destination offers ancient tropical scenery with vast mountainous rainforest, rice paddies, swaying coconut trees and dramatic waterfalls. The island’s impressive range of five-star luxury accommodation provides a wondrous base from which you can explore this mystical archipelago.

If you like the idea of trekking through the rainforest, scaling some serious mountains (cable car optional) or cruising through rivers and mangroves, Langkawi is paradise on earth. Well-known for its diving opportunities, visitors can experience a treasure trove of underwater species in the warm waters surrounding this lovely island.

For the foodies among you, the area is famed for its fresh fish and seafood and serves some of the best local delicacies in the country, including authentic Malay and Chinese cuisine.

With a 16-hour flight from Heathrow, with one stop, this is the longest haul of the three destinations — but, all we can say is, if you want to experience paradise than it takes a little while to get there.


Malaysia experiences a tropical climate year-round, but weather conditions can be very different between east and west. The west coast beach resorts of Penang and Langkawi are best from December-April.

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