I’m wearing a hat today, because…

At LUXURY CHESHIRE we would love nothing more than for hats to become again everyday essential attire, as they once were. Aside from the practicalities of hiding a bad hair day and providing warmth and protection from the elements, a ‘titfer’ says, ‘HELLO, I’M HERE,’ like no other accessory.

Here are our top excuses for wearing a hat:

Ideal hat for Royal Ascot 20171. It’s Royal Ascot, darling!

Guests at Royal Ascot are invited to treat the occasion as ‘a fashion event in its own right’ and hats are worn not just because it’s tradition but because you want to be noticed!  Hats Means Hats for the Royal Enclosure (rather than a fascinator) and the diameter of any headpiece must exceed 4 inches / 10cm. It is worth noting other points of the dress code, for example skirt length and shoulder strap type. The dress code for the Queen Anne Enclosure is less strict.

All you need to know about the dressing for this event is on the Royal Ascot website.

2. Look! It’s an invitation to a Royal Garden Party!

A  hat or fascinator is usually worn for this occasion and of a more conservative style than for Royal Ascot. After all, you’re at the garden party to meet the Queen and to mingle with other guests, not to be ‘papped’. Don’t forget to wear your sensible shoes for the grass. Read more on the Royal website. 

Titfers by Nest hat for receiving honour at Buckingham Palace3. One is receiving one’s Honour

If you’re heading for the ballroom at Buck House to receive an Honour don’t choose too large a hat or one that could obscure the other people’s view of the ceremony – keep it small.

You’ll be allowed to bring two guests, so don’t forget they will need hats too!

4. I’m…walking the dog

Green fedora from Titfers by Nest in AltrinchamFedora style felt hats have made a comeback and we rejoice in that. As well as being damned stylish, a hat for early morning outdoors activities cunningly disguises the fact your hair could probably do with a wash, and that you’ve run out of Touche Eclat.

This green felt hat would also be ideal for Point-to-Point racing or a pony show.

Barmitzvah small.png5. It’s my nephew’s Barmitzvah 

It is customary for all married women to wear a hat or fascinator to synagogue – partly out of respect for being at a worshipful place, and also a nod to the old tradition of covering the hair.

The formal bar mitzvah (or bat mitzvah) ceremony is a serious one, that often takes place early in the morning. So whilst it’s a hugely important day and a formal dressy affair, it’s appropriate for the headwear and outfit not to be too flashy or OTT. Shoulders and tops of arms should be covered and dresses should fall below the knee.

There are no exact specifics on the size or style of hat; most ladies opt for something, stylish and petite that is not too showy and reflects the formal mood. Etiquette is similar to a wedding, in that it’s best not to upstage someone higher than you in the event pecking order. So if you’re the aunt, it’s probably best to find out what the mother is wearing before choosing your own attire.

The party and celebrations afterwards are when everyone goes to town on VERY fabulous outfits.

6. My daughter is getting hitched

This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the photos of the day will live on possibly for generations. The chosen hat shouldn’t be too wide that it completely obscures those standing either side in the wedding photos. Also be mindful of choosing headwear which obscures your own face or casts a shadow over it.

As Mother of the Bride (MOB), note that etiquette dictates you are entitled to have a better hat than the Mother of the Groom.

Hat for Mother of the Groom - Titfers by Nest Altrincham7. My son is getting hitched

As noted in No.6, etiquette suggests that the MOG stay in the background and let the MOB have outfit one-upmanship. We say: Forget etiquette, and wear what you like! Go ‘designer!’ Go large!

Hat for any occasion - from Titfers by Nest in Altrincham Cheshire8. Who actually needs a reason!

Who needs an excuse to get noticed in a gorgeous hat? Wouldn’t our streets, our towns, our cities be that bit more stylish if more of us wore hats, and for no reason at all?


LUXURY CHESHIRE was gently steered around the dress code for the season’s events by Sarah Whitfield at Titfers by Nest, who kindly invited us into her ‘hat den’ in Altrincham.

If you’re unversed in Cockney Rhyming Slang, we are happy to inform you that ‘Titfer’ relates to ‘Tit fer (for) Tat,’ rhyming with, and therefore referring to, a hat.

Sarah describes her business as offering, “Contemporary Hats, Personal Service, Effortless Style,” and our very enjoyable and enlightening experience bears this out.

Sarah has years of experience in the fashion industry, having worked for some of the biggest names on the high street. Hat selection and fitting is by appointment only, and usually more often than not involves cake and a glass of something bubbly.

Photographs by Helen Mary Images

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