How to eat caviar like a pro

For centuries, caviar has been adding the ‘wow’ factor to special occasions, and, while prices are not as high as they once were, it remains one of the most rare and highly-prized, gourmet taste experiences on offer today.

If you’re planning on adding a bit of glamour to a get-together and are serving caviar at home, then you will want to read on for some insider tips on perfecting the experience.

LUXURY CHESHIRE got together with Mike McDowell, a Cheshire-based caviar expert, for a mini-masterclass on how best to savour this most exquisite of delicacies. 

How to store caviar

Keep your caviar in the coldest part of your fridge (a low-down shelf) with the temperature set at ideally no more than 2°C.

Take out the caviar approximately thirty minutes before you plan to serve and consume it, placing the jar directly onto a bed of crushed ice.

How to taste caviar

This isn’t the time for the family silver, as caviar oxidises when it comes into contact with any metal apart from gold. Instead use a mother of pearl spoon, or one made of horn or porcelain. Failing that, for a bit of fun, revert to the traditional way of eating it and place a small amount on each guest’s fist, between their thumb and forefinger, a technique which many caviar etiquette experts still believe is the best way to serve it.

Fine French Caviar

How to serve caviar

If you’re having a cocktail party, you may want to make the caviar a bit more accessible. Traditionally caviar is served with crème fraîche on blinis but for a more contemporary twist try the crème fraîche and caviar topped on a purple potato crisp. Your friends will be queuing up for these little taste sensations!

The perfect accompaniment

Why, Champagne of course! Make sure it’s a good dry one, like a Krug Grand Cuvée NV. Alternatively a good dry French Burgundy such as a Chablis is a good partner too. Some connoisseurs of this ancient delicacy are also known to prefer sparkling water with theirs.

Above all, our biggest tip of all, don’t rush it! Like a fine wine, it is definitely a taste sensation best savoured.


LUXURY CHESHIRE was instructed in the finer points of serving caviar by Fine French Caviar, a small, local family business which delivers caviar in the Cheshire area.