5 reasons to ski by private jet

 Why it makes sense to consider private jet charter from Manchester to the Alps

If you’re flying out of Manchester and heading to the mountains with your family this half term, you’ll want to spend as long as possible on the slopes, and as little time as possible time travelling. However, due to the geography of many of the UK’s closest and most popular European ski destinations, flying isn’t always a straightforward operation. For example, flying to Geneva from Manchester will mean a 2 hr-check-in at Manchester, a flight time of 2 hours followed by a road transfer of anything up to 3 hours. And of course it’s all the same in reverse on the way home.

With commercial air travel, travellers also the risk of delay due to cancellations, overbooking, missed connections, bad customer service and lost or delayed luggage. It’s frustrating and tiresome when such annoyances cast a shadow on what should be precious times with your loved ones. And whereas some holidays aren’t dependent on a key item of luggage, skiing and snowboarding certainly can be!

These could be reasons enough to consider private air travel over a commercial flight, but are not the only advantages.

We asked Falcona Private Jets, a private jet broker based at Manchester Airport, to why we should consider chartering a private jet for ski holiday.

LUXURY CHESHIRE’S top 5 reasons for booking a private jet for your next family ski trip

1. More time on the snow

When you are heading to the mountains, time on the slopes is what counts. Family trips are often limited by school holidays and time off from work or business, and a private jet flight allows you to maximise that precious time.

Compared to a scheduled flight journey which requires passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight, a private jet charter flight means turning up just 20 minutes prior to departure.

There are no long check-ins or security checks to endure and on some flights it’s even possible to turn up and step aboard your aircraft straight away.

With a private jet flight, transfer times are invariably shorter. Commercial flights are limited to using the few major airports in any region (eg Geneva) but with a smaller aircraft you have the option of landing at a smaller, local airport, eg Chambéry, with a far shorter transfer time. Or if you do fly into Geneva you can then be transferred by helicopter into the resort.

2. Greater Flexibility

With a private jet charter you are in charge of the time that you want to fly, not the airlines. If you are in hired accommodation (as opposed to your own) scheduled flight times may not tally with check-in times – but with your own jet flight this isn’t a problem.

3. Relax in your own private, personal space

Your luggage comes with you and stays with you on a privately chartered jet. So no more worries over missing skis, snowboards, boots or suitcases.

As a family or group, the aircraft is all yours so you can relax without the worry of other passengers intruding. In general private jet terminals are separate from the main hub airport, allowing you to arrive in private as well.

4. Cost-effective

When you charter a private jet, you pay for the whole aircraft regardless of how many people are travelling. If you fill the aircraft then the cost per person of your flight is comparable to a first or business class ticket. This is particularly the case for winter sports trips, which are often taken in larger groups such as extended families, multiple families or groups of friends.

Plus there are the ‘priceless’ benefits – those to which it is hard to assign a price tag – such as time saved and the sheer convenience of it.

5. Flying with children

Chartering a private jet affords you stress-free ski travel for your children, meaning it’s a low-stress option for you as well. Choose flight times that suit your family, avoiding early morning or late night slots.

The long queues through security checks in the main terminal buildings are close to unbearable when you have younger children in your party.

Once aboard, you can properly relax, without the worry of tired, bored or restless children attracting disapproving glances (or worse) from other passengers.

Private air travel, whether for a ski trip, other family holiday or business trip, allows a level of flexibility, comfort and style with which commercial travel today just cannot compete. The time saved and the superior travel experience leave even first-class commercial air travel in the hangar.

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